Asset Protection & Succession Planning


T.G.Menary has a specialist interest in Asset Protection and Succession Planning. We recognise the need to deliver robust legal solutions for modern relationship structures (families, single persons, married and non married couples).

Upon determining your current succession plans, TG Menary has specialist expertise in identifying any gaps and in recommending what action you should take to fully protect your interests and those of your family.

Nursing home fees are invariably of concern to many people, in particular those of retirement age and above.

TG Menary will assist you in making your succession plans and will take steps on your behalf to provide the peace of mind to you that you have the necessary protections in place to protect your home and/or business and your savings for future generations. TG Menary can also advise on Inheritance Tax Planning, Capital Gains Tax, Powers of Attorney and Nursing Home Fees.

For further information on TG Menary’s Asset Protection and Succession Planning service, please contact 028 38 327811 or email:

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